Sale On Engagement Rings

Sale On Engagement Rings


The DEO story began in the 1970’s when my father, while still a very young boy, became interested in the diamond industry. He was filled with love and passion for that field and worked from morning until nightfall at a local diamond manufacturing factory. He eventually bought a small factory and with the experience gained over those years, started his independent journey with diamonds. Employees were hired and his business grew and developed. Father also worked at the diamond exchange. He bought an office and traded, buying rough diamonds and then produced them in his factory. The polished diamonds were sold in the local market. Over the years he developed this aspect of his business and expanded into international trade. Following in my father’s footsteps, I joined the diamond industry. It was important to him that I learn the basics of the business, so I also started polishing diamonds in our factory. I learned all the features of the diamond, the shapes, degrees of cleanliness, colors and the leading polishes in the field. When my education was complete, I entered the diamond exchange, and started trading – importing, and exporting diamonds. The expertise I acquired over the years helped me to develop the concept of the name DEO.

D-  Diamond

E-  Engagement

O- Online

The Internet has become the world’s largest shopping platform, more people shop online than shop in stores. In practice, more than 80% of transactions in the United States are closed via the Internet and this figure is on a constant upward trend.

The DEO Concept

Our concept is to allow everyone to purchase a luxury piece of jewelry at a price that suits their budget. We give the customer many diamond choices so they will have the opportunity to decide the best and convenient price at which they can purchase a luxury piece of jewelry.

The DEO Expertise

Our concept was developed from the expertise I gained over the years. This is incorporated into and reflected in our entire process starting from buying diamonds correctly, the process of production of the diamond up to the creation of the piece of jewelry.

It sounds like a short, easy process, but it is one that I have studied for many years and there is always something more to learn. The whole process of buying diamonds is a complex procedure and requires a lot of knowledge.

Not every diamond mined from the ground really becomes that sparkling diamond in a piece of jewelry. In fact, only 20% of diamonds are given this honor, while the remaining 80% go to industrial use. Those that are part of the 20% begin the processing stage.

Before the diamond is processed, it looks like a piece of glass without much shine or sparkle. Therefore, advanced processing methods are used to transform it. After the diamonds have been cleaned, they are sorted by weight, color and clarity, then it is decided how the diamond should be cut and polished to get the most out of it so it can gain its maximum value.

After the diamonds have been sorted and the right way to polish it has been determined, next comes the diamond cutting stage. There are several popular and accepted cuts in the world. It is a real art which require professionals, special tools, knowledge and technique. The cutting itself is done in five stages:

  • in the first stage the cut is planned
  • in the second stage the diamond is cut into several parts
  • in the third and most intense stage the diamond is shaped according to the specific cut
  • in the fourth stage it is polished to get its shine and sparkle, and
  • in the last step the final test is performed, and its value is determined

Diamonds come with certificates showing their value. In the final testing phase, the diamond receives a “grade” based on 4 pieces of data: the cut, the size, the clarity and the color. The certificate received with the diamond indicates its value, which is applied to it when sold in diamond and jewelry stores.

We provide a different, more convenient, detailed user experience. DEO’s goal is to provide a wider range of options to our customers. They have the option to choose the color of their diamond, its cleanliness and size so in the end the price of that diamond will be affordable.

DEO supplies 100% NATURAL DIAMONDS. After mining, the diamonds go through a polishing process and are set into jewelry, without the addition of any other factors to change or improve the color or cleanliness of the diamond. DEO also supplies LAB GROWN DIAMONDS. This product entered the markets in recent years. They are grown in an ecological and controlled mannerin a laboratory but these diamonds are completely identical in composition to those produced in mining. .

Our team consists of the best professionals in the industry. All our work is done by hand, with great care, a lot of knowledge and love. We produce our diamonds ourselves, putting all our efforts into ensuring that every detail is precise, and every piece of jewelry is of the highest quality.

We give our customers the most comfortable, affordable shopping experience!

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