Sale On Engagement Rings

Sale On Engagement Rings



About Deo Diamonds


Why is buying diamonds from you the best choice?

We source natural diamonds from the best sources available. Using advanced cutting devices used by experts, we carefully cut and polish our diamonds to meet the demand of discerning customers just like you. For an extra layer of security, your loose diamond jewelry or diamonds purchased from Deo Diamonds are accompanied by a gemological certificate from an accredited institute.

What is the advantage of Lab Grown Diamond?

The advantage of choosing a lab grown diamond is that they are also cheaper than traditionally mined diamonds. “Lab grown diamonds are not mined, but contain the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics of mined diamonds.”

A lab-grown diamond may also appear clearer. “The clarity of [lab-grown] diamonds is excellent, so you can get a bigger, brighter stone with more fire at a lower price than using a traditionally mined diamond.”

How do I find my ring size?

We provide our customers free of charge an easy and convenient ring measuring device to use at home within three days of the request.

Deo Diamonds provides a printable ring gauge that can help you determine your ring size.

Measuring your finger:

Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; Tight enough that it won’t fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. The size of the finger changes depending on the time of day and the weather. For best results measure your finger size:

  1. At the end of the day and when the fingers are warm (the fingers are smaller in the early morning hours and when it is cold).
  2. Measure the finger size 3 to 4 times to avoid wrong reading.
  3. The measurement in the right hand and the left hand will not always be the same.
Tips for buying the ring as a surprise:

Ask your significant other’s friends or family if they know her finger size.

Borrow one of your significant other’s rings (from the right finger) and use the ring measurements on the printable ring gauge.

What can I purchase from you?

You can purchase any product that appears on the website, we provide engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

All our jewelry is set with diamonds.

We give you the option to determine the size of the diamond, its color and its level of cleanliness according to each piece of jewelry.

How often do you add new inventory to your website?

We constantly add new diamonds. Our inventory changes daily due to the high volume of sales we have.

Purchasing Diamonds: how do I know I am getting exactly what I am ordering?

After you have purchased from us on our website, your inquiry goes directly to our sales team. They take care of delivering your order directly to our manufacturing plant.

How do I pay for my new diamonds?

We make your diamond purchase easy for you, our system is very easy to operate. You can pay using one of the options on the website.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied you can return your diamond within thirty days of purchase.

What if I want to upgrade my diamond purchase?

You can get a 100% credit on your diamond purchase when you upgrade, the upgrade will be equivalent to the diamond you purchased or more. Simply return your diamond to us within thirty days of purchase. The returned diamond must be in original new condition and all original documents must be attached. Please call first to get your RAN (Return Authorization Number) before sending the diamond back

Gemological Terms & Laboratory information

What is a Gemologist?

A gemologist is an individual who graduated from studies in identification and grading of diamonds and gemstones at a recognized gemological institute. Most graduate gemologists in the United States have studied at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They earn the prestigious Graduate Gemologist Diploma.

How do I know I will receive what I ordered?

We send a professionally prepared and independently created laboratory report from International Gemological Appraisers with each shipped diamond. This diamond certificate can be reviewed by any gemologist and analyzed for the unique characteristics of your individual diamond.

What does the certificate mean?

Each uniquely created certificate details the peculiar characteristic of your diamond after it has been carefully examined. These certificates contain a universally understood method of communication of diamond qualities and adhere to the highest standards of diamond grading. The certificate allows you a monetary value with the insurance companies in case of loss

Does your item come with certifications and assessments?

Every item we sell comes with a fully detailed certificate of authenticity which is also an assessment for insurance purposes, moreover most of the rings come with a certificate from a certified gemological institute.

A photo of the product you purchased is attached to the certificate.or similar cases.

Just what are the 4Cs of diamonds?

The 4Cs are the universally accepted grading standard created by Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Every diamond is graded by Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity.

I’ve heard the term, Eye Clean referring to a diamond. Just what is that?

This is a diamond trade specific term indicating the diamond is clean or free from noticeable inclusions to the unaided eye; face up, from a distance of twelve to fifteen inches. VS2 or higher quality diamonds are usually eye-clean. SI1, SI2, and I1 diamonds must be carefully inspected to locate visible inclusions from the top of the stone.

What does the term “Cut” mean?

Some people think the cut is the shape, like round or oval. But it actually refers to how well cut the stone is. Well cut diamonds appear fiery and brilliant. Poorly cut stones are dull and unappealing. A well-cut diamond can actually make the stone appear larger than poorly cut diamonds of the same carat weight. So you can see how important the cut grade is.


Shipping, Terms & Customer care

How do I receive my order from you?

We ship FedEx fully insured delivery. It usually takes 14-18 days.

Is it possible to order a ring from you that does not appear on the website?

Absolutely, Yes we provide this service. Contact our customer service if you pass them the sample you are interested in and we will create it for you.

I am interested in a specific diamond, is it possible to make a personal order for diamonds as well?

Yes of course. Contact us and we will provide you with the diamond you are interested in.

What about customs fees?

When your package arrives, FedEx will contact you and arrange to collect all taxes and duties.

Do you charge tax for International orders?

Value added tax (VAT) is charged to all international clients by your local customs or duties office. VAT charges are based on the location of the recipient. Please contact your local FedEx office to find out the exact rate charged at the time of delivery.

For any additional information regarding tax and customs fees feel free to contact us.

How do I get help with my order?

It’s our pleasure to offer you the highest quality customer care as well as the finest diamonds. Just call our customer service.

You can place your order here, or ask us any questions about your previously placed order. We’ll be happy to help.

Is it safe to ship diamonds?

All shipments are fully insured and all deliveries require a signature.

Must I ship to my billing address?

No, you can also direct the shipment to go to a Ship-To address.

How long does it take to process my order for shipment?

From the day you place and pay for your order until the day you receive your product it will be between 14 and 18 days

How much does it cost to ship my order?

We provide fast, free shipping on all international orders including the cost of insurance.

Where do you ship?

We ship diamonds internationally, including the United States and Canada.

Return or Exchange

Can I return a diamond or exchange it for another item?

We strive for 100% satisfaction with every purchase. You may return your new undamaged item with its original packaging and paperwork for a 100% refund within 30 days of the item’s delivery. another piece of jewelry or another diamond within the same 30 day return time. To do this, you must first contact our Customer Service for complete return policy details and to receive a RAN (Return Authorization Number).

How do I return a diamond?

Call our customer service office first, or send a detailed email.

To get an explanation of the product return process, customer service will provide you with your RAN (Return Authorization Number).

Returns will be made via FedEX.

A product returned without its original packaging and original documents will not be eligible for a refund.

Also, any intervention by another party in the jewel, a defect or any other deficiency in Deo Diamonds will not remove his responsibility from a refund.

If I got the ring size wrong, how can I fix it?

We recommend using the service we provide for correct measurement, but if it happened that you got the wrong size, we provide a free service up to 30 days from the date of purchase of the product to change the size.

The change will be a one-time change at no cost, please note that there are rings that we state in advance that it will not be possible to change the size after the order.

For example Eternity rings it will not be possible to change the size after the order has been placed.

Clarity enhanced options

What are enhanced diamonds and do you sell them?

Excellent question, it is important for us to note that we are not sellers enhanced diamonds. are in fact a natural diamond that has undergone a process of improving cleanliness with the help of inserting special silicon into the diamond or there are diamonds that have also undergone a process called “drilling”, whose function is to obscure the defects in the diamond. To the unprofessional eye, the cleanliness of the diamond appears to be high, but in fact the cleanliness appears that way because of the silicon that is inserted into it, the silicon over time loses its ability to obscure defects in the diamond.

DEO DIAMONDS does not have this type of diamond, all our diamonds are 100% natural diamonds without any enhancement or other effect that may affect its color or purity.

Conflict-free diamonds

I have heard about conflict-free diamonds. What are those?

Deo Diamonds, along with the global diamond industry, has a zero tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds.

Through measures such as the Kimberley Process, which follows diamonds from mine to market, the industry in partnership with the United Nations, governments and non-governmental organizations, handles diamond exports to prevent illegal diamond trade.

Conflict diamonds are diamonds that are illegally traded to finance conflicts in war-torn areas, particularly in Central and West Africa. The United Nations (UN) defines conflict diamonds as “…diamonds originating in areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and used to finance military action against those governments, or against the law. Security Council resolutions.” These diamonds are sometimes referred to as “blood diamonds”.

Conflict diamonds caught the world’s attention during the most brutal conflict in Sierra Leone in the late 1990s. During this period, it is estimated that conflict diamonds accounted for approximately 4% of the world’s diamond production. Illegal rough diamonds have also been used by rebels to finance conflicts in Angola, Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo (also known as Congo Brazzaville). Today, the flow of conflict diamonds has been significantly reduced to less than 1%.

All Deo diamonds must be conflict free.

What is Deo Diamonds’s policy on conflict-free diamonds?

Our customers always receive conflict-free diamonds. We are committed to and follow all government regulations and requirements regarding ethically sourced diamonds.


Do you share any of my private information?

No, we never sell or share any of your personal information with third parties.

How do you safeguard my private information?

The personal information you supply us when purchasing a diamond is completely guarded and encrypted.


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