Sale On Engagement Rings

Sale On Engagement Rings

Diamond Earrings

DEO Diamonds really shines with a signature selection of diamond earrings for women; with designs and styles to suit individual tastes and personal preferences. From timeless encrusted diamond stud earrings to more modern hoop-style diamond earrings with embedded stones, to simple yet elegant princess-cut diamond solitaire earrings – we keep exclusive jewelry to complement your every special occasion. DEO Diamonds provides either earth-mined stones or lab-grown diamonds that are available in a variety of fashionable shapes: round, emerald, princess, oval, pear, heart, and marquise. And depending on your choice of style, you can also customize your earrings with diamonds that range in weight from 0.5 carats up to 3 carats.

Lab diamond earrings are a hot ticket item for trending females and sophisticated women. While lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory, they are totally legit with the same chemical, physical and visual properties as earth-formed diamonds making them virtually impossible to tell apart (even for experts!). And whereas it takes millions of years for earth-created diamonds to form, lab-grown diamonds are accurately formed in a controlled environment (approx. 10 weeks), making them incredibly eco-friendly. Lab diamond earrings are mass-produced in many different shapes and sizes. This helps to keep the costs down and makes them an affordable alternative to earth-formed stones.

DEO Diamonds earrings are made with natural stones which take billions of years to create and then get mined from below the earth’s surface – eventually ending up as cut and polished gem-quality diamonds. Natural diamond earrings come in many shapes and sizes, from chic solitaire to more contemporary embedded hoop-style earrings; we keep dazzling pieces of bling to fit every magic moment. Earth-mined diamonds are real stones, and therefore naturally more expensive than lab- created diamonds. 

Complement your look with a pair of DEO Diamond earrings. Choose from a stunning selection of designs; from simple pear-cut or princess-cut solitaire diamond earrings to more elegant and classic diamond encrusted studs with round-shaped stones – we have pairs to mix or match to your diamond wedding ring or favorite diamond necklace. Whether natural or lab grown diamonds, DEO Diamond wedding rings are available in bespoke 14k gold jewelry with 3 color options: white, rose, and yellow. Each ring offers various diamond sizes (from 0.5 carats up to 3.0 carats) along with choices for clarity (VS, VVS) and color grade (E-F, G-H). From small to big diamond earrings, complement your look and style with a touch of brilliance.

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