Sale On Engagement Rings

Sale On Engagement Rings

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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our service.

Terms and conditions

  1. Privacy policy

If the costumer wishes to place an order for goods available on the service, he may be required to provide certain personal information relevant to his order, including private information such as name, email, phone number, credit card number, the expiration date of credit card, billing address and shipping information.

At this matter, the costumerdeclares and warrants that:

  • He has the legal right to use any credit or debit card(s) or other payment method(s) connected tohis order;
  • (ii) the information he provided is true, correct and complete.

By submitting such information, the costumer grants our company with the right to provide one’s information to payment processing third parties, for the purposes of facilitating the completion of the order.

  1. Order cancellation

Our company reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order at any time for various reasons including the following:

  • Availability of the goods
  • Discrepancies in the description of the goods or it’s prices
  • Discrepancies in the costumer’s order
  • Other Discrepanciesthat make the good’s supply impossible.

Our company reserves the right to refuse or cancel costumer’s order if fraud, unauthorized or illegal transaction is suspected.

  • Costumer’s order cancellation rights

Any goods the costumer purchased can only be returned correspondingly with the terms and conditions mentioned below, and in accordance to our company’s returns policy.

Costumer’s right to cancel an order only applies to goods that is returned in the same condition as the costumer received them, including the product’s instructions, original packaging, documents and wrappings. Goods that are damaged in one or more of those aspects, will not be refunded.

The customer reserves the right to return the product and receive a full refund within 14 days of receiving the product. Our company will use the same means of payment as the costumer used for the order, and the costumer will not be charged with additional expenses due to goods return.

The costumer will not have any right to cancel an order of supplying any of the following goods:

  • The supply of goods was prepared in accordance with a special specification requested by the costumer or personal adjustments were made according to the costumer’s requirement.
  • The supply of goods is not suitable to be returned, deteriorate rapidly or is expired.
  • The supply of goods which is not suitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons and was unsealed after delivery.
  1. Availability, errors, inaccuracies and limitation of liability

Our company invests a lot of effort to provide complete and up-to-date information in relation to the goods provided by it. However, inaccurate, out-of-date details regarding the quality of the goods or its price may be found on the company’s website.

Our company makes every effort to update the information and correct any errors that exist (both in relation to the quality of the product and / or its price, etc.) and to update the required update.

Moreover, our company cannot and do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information, including prices, product images, specifications, availability, and services. Our company reserve the right to change or update information and to correct errors, inaccuracies etc., at any time without prior notice.

In addition, our company’s overall liability for any damage that may be caused to the costumer, including the company’s liability and the liability of all its suppliers, will be limited to the amount actually paid by the costumer through the service, or will be 50 USD as long as the costumer has not purchased anything through the service.

In no case will our company or any of its suppliers be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages (including loss of profits, loss of data, business disruption, personal injury, loss of privacy resulting from direct or indirect use of the site, inability to use the site, etc.), even if the possibility of the damage being notified to the company or its suppliers, and even if there is no remedy to constitute compensation for the damages actually caused.

Given that our Company also provides its services in other states in the U.S., and outside the U.S. borders, the legal regime in some of these countries may not allow for a limitation of legal liability to the extent set forth above.

In such cases, liability will be limited to the maximum limit of liability permitted in these countries.

The service provided by our company and / or any of its suppliers is on “as is” or “as available” disclaimer.

The service may sometimes be faulty or malfunctioning without warranty.

It is clarified beyond any doubt that the company will not be liable for any malfunction and / or defect beyond its minimum obligations under any law.

Our company declares that it does not undertake in any way to adapt the product to the costumer’s goals and / or to any other feature predicted in the product other than the features mentioned in the professional test certificate attached to the product. The company also disclaims responsibility for any discrepancies between the costumer’s expectations of the quality or any other feature in the matter of purchasing the product, and the quality of the product or its actual features. Whether these are due to the features of the product or other defects that have fallen into it.

Without derogating from the above in relation to the lack of responsibility of the company or any of its suppliers, the lack of responsibility clearly includes the following issues:

  • The availability of the service and / or the degree of reliability of the information appearing on the website
  • Absence of malfunctions in the operation of the site, the absence of cyber threats (including viruses, malicious programming, etc.) in activity on the site, by e-mail or in any other activity related to the site.
  • The taxation policy and/or customs policy and/or any additional levy and/or other payment imposed on customers, in addition to those mentioned on the Company’s website.

As mentioned above, given that our Company also provides its services in other states in the U.S., and outside the U.S. borders, the legal regime in some of these countries may not allow for a limitation of legal liability to the extent set forth above. In such cases, liability will be limited to the maximum limit of liability permitted in these countries.

  • The shipping policy of our company. For inquiries about the above policy, please contact the company’s customer service center.
  1. Prices policy

The company reserves the right to update its prices at any time prior to accepting an order.

The prices listed may be updated by the company,after accepting an order,if it is affected bymatters beyond the control of the company, such as government action, increased shipping charges, higher foreign exchange costs and etc.

In cases such that, the costumer will have the right to cancel its order.

In this context it will be noted, thatEvery diamond purchased is accompanied by a professional written evaluation describing the item(s) and stating the color, clarity, and carat weight. Our company recommend that the costumer obtains and maintains insurance covering loss, theft or damage to one’s purchased items.

  1. Payments

All goods purchased are subject to payment cards. Payment can be made through payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express Cards or other debit cards that our company.

Payment by credit cards (credit cards or debit cards) is subject toapproval and validation checks and authorization by costumer’s card issuer. In cases that this approval in not obtained, our company will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery of costumer’s order.

In spite of the above, within thirty 30 days of diamond purchase, the costumer may return it for any reason with proof of purchase and receive a full refund, if presented in its original condition.

In this context it should be noted that the cost of returning the diamond will apply to the customer in full.

In such a case, the product return protocol will be as follows:

  • The customer will contact the customer service department of the company, at the email address: XXX, and notify his will to return a product/s ordered or purchased from the company.
  • During two business days from the date of receipt of the above email, return instructions will be sent to the customer, including instructions regarding how to pack the returned products safely.

It should be emphasized that the only mechanism for receiving a refund for the return of the product is an action in accordance with the above procedure.

  1. Additional terms and conditions

In addition to all that is stated in these terms and conditions mentioned above, the company reserves the right not to receive items and / or other items returnedby the customer if they have not met the following conditions:

  • The items or products were shipped or returned with a tracking number.
  • The products were shipped or returned within the return period permitted (30 days) from the date of receipt of the product by the customer.
  • The returned products were returned in their original condition, new, in original packaging and without any use and without any damage.
  • The products were returned to our company in a secure and correct packaging, according to packaging instructions delivered to the customer (see section VI above).
  • The products are in the original condition in which they were purchased from the company, without signs of wear or any attempt to make changes and/or adjustments by a jeweler and / or another professional who is not authorized by our company to make the said in the products.

For the avoidance of doubt, the following are the terms regarding products:

  • In general, changes and adjustments in the products sold on the site can be made according to the company’s policy.

Some of these changes, however, may involve an additional fee.

Specific information regarding adjustments in the products and their cost can be obtained by contacting the customer service department in our company.

  • In addition, a change of size of all types of rings (except Ethernet rings) will be made within 14 business days from the moment the order is confirmed by our company and / or from the moment the product is received back by us from the customer.

In this case, the customization will be done at no cost and the company will also bear the cost of shipping and receiving the products in this case.

  • The provisions of the previous section do not apply in relation to the eternity rings.

In this type of ring, no measurement can be made at all.

  • Changing the size of a tennis bracelet will be done for a nominal fee. To find out the cost of this service, you can contact the company’s customer service center.
  • It is not possible to change the size of a hard bracelet after confirming the product order.
  1. Promotions

Our company reserves the right to offer promotions in relation to goods that offeredby her.

In case that there is a discrepancy between what is stated in the promotion terms and the general policy of the company, then promotion terms will prevail over what is stated in the general company policy.

  1. User accounts

By creating costumer’s account within our company, the costumer declares that:

  • The account based on complete, correct and accurate information.Providing information that is inconsistent with these terms, may lead to immediate closure of the costumer account in our company.

In accordance to mentioned above, it is forbidden to use any false name or take other unlawful action (such as using an unauthorized trademark orother infringement of third party rights without proper authorization, or using offended names etc.).

  • That he is aware of his obligation to take all measures to protect the password for his costumer account in our company, and he shall be liable for any consequence arising from non-compliance with this condition.
  • To inform out company immediately on any breach or unauthorized attempt to use his account.

Our company reserves the right to restrict or immediately cancel the costumer’s user account without any reason and without limitation if the costumer has violated the terms of this policy agreement.

Cancellation of the account by the costumer will be done by way of cessation of its use. There is no need to notify our company of the termination of use.

  1. Intellectual property

The site operated by our company and the service provided through it contains original contents, The rights in this content (which includes information about the products, and other content) belong to the company exclusively. All of those are protected by the intellectual property laws: both domestic and foreign countries.

It is strictly forbidden to make unauthorized use of the information contained on the site. Permission for authorized use shall be made in advance and in writing. Our trademarks and trade-dress may not be used in association with any product or service, without a prior written consent of the company.

  1. Links to other websites

The service provided by our company on the website, may contain links to other websites or services that are not belong or controlled by our company.

Due to this, our company has no control over these sites and therefore is not responsible for the terms of use of them nor does it have any control over the content displayed on them. Our

company recommends reading the policies of these sites before using it.

  1. Jurisdiction and dispute resolution

In general, the service provided on this site is subject to U.S. law in addition to the laws of the country to which the costume belongs or ordering from, and additional legal provisions (international and other) may apply. In any matter or dispute in relation to the applicable law, the area of jurisdiction and a dispute that arises between the parties, the costumer undertakes to first contact the company informally in order to allow the company to settle the matter.

Furthermore, the costume declares that:

  • He is not located in a country that is subject to the United States government embargo, or that has been designated by the US government as a “terrorist supporting” country.
  • He is not listed on any united states government list of prohibited or restricted parties.
  • At the time of booking, he does not reside or present in a country designated by the United States as a country that is prohibited or restricted from performing economic activities with the US.
  1. Severability and waiver

1.1 Severability

Any provision under the conditions mentioned in these regulations, which will be unenforceable or illegal, will be amended and interpreted in a manner that will enable the purpose of the provision to be achieved and subject to the provisions of the law. The rest of the provisions in the bylaws will not be lost due to this and will continue to apply in full effect.

1.2 Waiver

Except the mentioned above, the failure to exercise a right or to require performance of an obligation under these terms, shall not be the waiver of a breach constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach.

1.3 Translation interpretation

These terms and conditions have been translated to Hebrew, in order to be available to Israeli costumers as well. The costumer agrees that the original English version of these terms and conditions shall prevail in the case of a dispute.

Changes in the terms and condition regulations


The Company reserves the right to change, add and / or replace the terms of these Terms and Conditions at any time and in its sole discretion. However, and although the Company is not obligated to do so, insofar as the amendment carried out is material and significant, the Company will make a reasonable effort to notify the future change to take effect at least 30 days before it takes effect. In this context, the definition of the term ‘material change’ is also subject to the Company’s sole discretion. The customer agrees to be subject to the fully amended terms, and to the extent that he does not fully or partially agree to them, he may stop using the site and / or the service.

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